Clean Water & Sustainable Energy


LMCF has installed commercial size reverse osmosis/ultraviolet water systems with 7 filters for ultrapure water at 100 gallons per day output with 110-gallon storage tanks. These are installed in the Santa Anita PrimariaLaMision Junior High and the LaMision High School providing pure water to almost 700 area students and faculty. We have also installed slightly smaller systems in the Morada del Nino Jesus Orphanage in Tijuana. 

In partnership with the University of California San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering, we are building an RO/UV pure water system for the school, San Juan Bosco in Tijuana. Additionally, this partnership between LMCF and UCSD have installed 2 solar water heating units at the Hacienda Orphanage and is building solar water heating units for Moradadel Nino Jesus and Sion Orphanages in Tijuana. We have installed a solar water pump at the Orphanage Casa de Paz in El Poviner and a smaller water purification unit at the Los Angelitos orphanage in Tijuana.

These activities are saving considerable amounts of money for the Schools and Orphanages and providing substantial health benefits to almost 1000 children and adults.

Check out the latest presentation of project work from this team.