The La Mision Children’s Fund (Children’s Fund) operates the La Mision Food Bank and Family Center in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico. We are open every Wednesday helping to feed over 350 families in the LaMision area on a regular basis which includes over 1300 children. We also provide school supplies, blankets, clothing and emergency assistance on a seasonal basis. The Food Bank also delivers supplemental food and clothing to migrant workers in the Rancho Viejo area where up to 50 families work.

The Food Bank is funded completely by your donations and the need is enormous. Seventy percent of our patrons are employed. Most are families where both spouses work and most of these families earn well under 90 US dollars, equivalent, per week with both spouses working. All who assists at the Food Bank are unpaid volunteers. 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to providing for these families.

Any donation has an impact far greater than the amount given.

We currently need children and teen size shoes and socks, bath soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, baby formula and all types of pasta. Money to buy basic foods is a blessing.

To assist or donate please call Mari Daniels 519-488-5210 or Steve and Mary Ellis 208-589-9356